LaboPass™ Products Series

Product Destcription

 DNA Purification Regent Kit

Labo Pass™ Mini
A kit for plasmid DNA extraction and purification from 1-10mL bacteria culture. The plasmid DNA obtained may be used for sequencing etc.

Labo Pass™ Gel
A kit for DNA fragment extraction and purification from TAE or TBE agarose gel. Applicable from low meting gel to standard agarose gel.

Labo Pass™ PCR
A kit for DNA fragment purification from PCR or other enzyme reaction solvent. Purified DNA can be used for sequencing, cloning or other applications.

Labo Pass™ Blood/Tissue Mini
A kit for Genome DNA extraction and purification from Tissue or mammalian Blood. Extracted DNA can be used for PCRreaction or other applications.


 Taq polymerase Regent

MgCl2(25mM) is enclosed in 10x Reaction Buffer in this product.
Also,dNTP is enclosed to all product of this series.

G-Taq DNA polymerase
Applicable to a general PCR amplification. Tuning buffer effective for amplification of GC rich or template with reiterated sequence.

SP-Taq DNA polymerase
Fidelity is higher by 4 to 6 folds compared with G-Taq, because of 3’–›5’ exonuclease activity (Proofreading activity).
Suitable for PCR amplification of rather long fragment (3-30kb) which is difficult with standard Taq.

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