Custom DNA Synthesis

Product Description

Orders acceptable for 24 hours! DNA synthesis products are delivered on the next business day for all areas in Japan!

1. HSS provides primer synthesis service for various scales to meet your needs!

Synthesis Scale*1 OLIGO KIDS*2 25nmol scale 0.05µmol scale 0.2µmol scale 1.0µmol scaleμmol Large scale
Length / Yield 11-30 bases 11-30 bases 11-50 bases -99 bases -200 bases 1mg-100mg
*1 Synthesis scale is not equal to guaranteed yield.
*2 More than two oligos order is required for this product. Only Gel filteration and Reverse – phase cartridge purification are available.


2. Speedy delivery! Oligos are synthesized on the day you order,and delivered to you on the next business day. (Domestic order only)

< Products available for next business day delivery*1 >

 Order date  Monday through Thursday except for holidays Available only for web-orders
 Chain length  between 11 and 40 bases (up to 50 bases for Area 1)
 Purification  Gel filtration and Reverse-phase cartridge purification
 Scale  up to 0.2 µmol including OLIGO KIDS (15nmol)
 Quantity  up to 20 oligos


– Web orders available for 24 hours*2
– Delivery on the next business day!*3

Please note that the areas marked with ” * “ may be different from the area division on this map depend on the delivery address. Please inquire in advance.
It may be also possible for the other areas that the mentioned service is not available depend on the transportation route.

Order acceptance Mon. through Sat.
Web order until 16:00
E-mail order until
*1 Delivery on the next business day is not applied to orders placed on Fridays as well as orders which includes other items.
Orders placed on Sundays and Holidays are accepted on the next business day.
*2 Delivery schedule will be informed to customers on the next business day for weekday orders received after 16:00.
*3 This service is not available for some areas due to the transportation route. Please inquire for details.
– Upon order acceptance, lead-time will be informed by E-mail. Please confirm the lead-time and order details.
– The lead-time may be changed depend on order conditions such as purification grade, nucleotide sequence, base length and so on.
– This is not applied to the services other than Gel filtration and Reverse-phase cartridge purification as well as modified DNA synthesis and RNA synthesis.
Please refer to Lead Time Table for the other services details.


3. High-quality DNA synthesis is always available by our highly efficient synthesis conditions and strict QC.

1) Highly efficient synthesis conditions

< Result of our synthesis efficiency test >

18 bases dT crude Theoretical Value Measured Value
Target Yield 84.30% 82.10%
Synthesis Efficiency 99.00% 98.90%

2) Strict QC system

– Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE)

Our synthesized DNA is subject to QC by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
Electrophoresis using polyacrylamide gel is performed for synthesized products to confirm the bands detected according to the purity of products by electrophoresis images as follows.
High quality of products is kept by detecting bands according to the purity and the base length.
Degenerated sequences may become highly conformational.
Some sequences other than degenerated ones may become conformational such as hairpin structure, and the position of band may be fluctuated or plural bands may appear for such sequences.
Modified DNA tends to migrate more slowly than unmodified DNA depend on molecular size of modification base etc., so the position of the band may be higher than expected.


LC-ESI mass spectrometry analysis

LC-ESI-MS check is applied to modified DNA, LC-ESI-MS Reverse-phase cartfidge purification, LC-ESI-MS HPLC purification, & PAGE purificaton products under 50 bases.

LC-ESI-MS data


4. Various modification service available!
Our technical service staffs will attend to your various requests.


Order Flow

1. 2. 3. 4.
Order→ Delivery date confirmation→ DNA synthesis→ Shipment
  • 1. Please order by Web or E-mail.
  • 2. After receiving the order, confirmation of the product delivery will be sent by E-mail.
  • 3. Production and strict QC will be performed based on our accumulated DNA synthesis technique.
  • 4. Products are shipped after a final check.



  • – Upon receipt of the order confirmation by E-mail, please check your order details such as purification and sequence again.
  • – The lead-time might slightly differ depending on purification grade, sequence, chain length etc.
  • – Order may not be accepted depend on the sequence.
  • – Please note that no cancellation is acceptable after starting the synthesis due to the product features.
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