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Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd. (HSS) Privacy Policy

This page tells you how HSS protects personal information of this website users. HSS preserves ordinances regarding personal information and other rules in this website (the Site), and makes every effort to protect customers’ personal information under the below policy.


How we use your information:

This Site is operated as a part of our services for the customers. When you use the Site, you are required to provide your personal information in some contents such as order and inquiry. HSS uses your registered personal and/or order information for the following purposes;

– to provide custom services
– to manage the privilege use of customers
– to conduct customer survey
– to send direct-mail advertisements
– to provide services related to the above

Any change of these purposes will be announced on the Site for the Site users.


How we protect and control personal information:

  1. HSS takes your registered personal and order information protection seriously. Your personal information is under strict control to be protected from leaking out. Appropriate and reasonable level of security measures to protect your personal information is taken against the risks of leak, destruction or alteration by unauthorized access to the Site server.
  2. HSS may outsource the personal information management in order to provide better services. In such case, HSS gives instructions and supervisions to the co-operated companies to take enough care of information management and prevent information leakage.


Reference, correction and deletion of customer information;

Your registered information can be referred or corrected at the page “Change Password & Registered data” of the Site. HSS will stop sending information and providing services through the Site when customer information is deleted by prescribed procedure. HSS will make every effort to respond promptly to your inquiries and requests regarding your own personal information.
Please mind that identity verification may be requested for these services.


Personal information disclosure;

HSS may disclose your personal information in the below cases;

  1. When any of your irregularities against the other HSS customers or HSS are found, your personal information may be disclosed to the affected parties, police or other related authorities.
  2. When the authorities such as court or police require the official reference by ordinance, your information may be disclosed.


Change of our privacy policy;

HSS reserves the right to revise and change all or part of the above policies at any time. Such changes will be reported promptly on the Site.
It may be handled differently from above when required by regulations of Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

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