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Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy of Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd. (HSS) recognizes that the adequate management of information is one of our important business challenges, and sets a company policy to ensure information security. We will deal with customers information and company’s confidential information strictly and take an adequate rearguard action against risks for divulging of information to gain the faith of customers and persons concerned. We make this policy public and declare to observe this as well as our privacy policy.

  1. It is our top priority to take all possible measures to ensure the security for customers information assets we receive to be used at our occupation, and prevent the risk of loss, destruction, tampering and leakage of such information.
  2. HSS utilizes its information assets to a maximum extent with providing adequate security measures according to importance.
  3. HSS appoints its Administration Division as a main organization to manage the information security, and particular staffs of each department to be responsible for or in charge of implementing and operating security measures for information assets on a company-wide basis.
  4. Education and enlightenment about information security are constantly made for our officers and employees including part-time workers to promote their awareness of our information security policy. All officers and employees who deal with information assets are to comply with the information security policy and fulfill their defined obligations and responsibilities.
  5. In consideration about the technological progress and changes in operating environment, we regularly assess the risk for our information assets from various sectors and reflect the assessment results in a variety of measures to keep and improve the information security.
  6. An audit of operation regarding information security is conducted at regular basis to ensure information security by taking adequate corrective actions accordingly.
  7. HSS keeps order of the internet society and contributes to its sound development.
  8. HSS complies with laws and rules related to information security.
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