Capillary Sequencing

* Samples containing Covid-19 or influenza viruses are not to be accepted.
As we currently produce oligos to be used in PCR test kits for [SARS-CoV-2] and [Influenza A/B virus], we do not accept nucleic acid samples which may become a template for such oligos. Thank you for your understanding.

Sequencing data will be delivered at a low price by the rapid sequencing service utilizing our high quality oligo synthesis technology. All analyses “from PCR amplification to sequencing” are fully supported. We can be a dedicated sequencing department for your laboratory.

Capillary sequencing

For capillary  sequencing service, please provide us DNA samples and primers to confirm the base sequences of the provided DNA samples.
Difficult-to-read sequences are to be optimized as far as possible. Please ask for consultation in advance.

Service Contents

This service is to perform sequencing for customer’s  provided DNA samples.
Cycle sequencing reaction will be performed once to provide the obtained data.
Average sequencing length is approx. 500 ~ 700 bases, though it may differ depend on sample conditions.
Please select your required service from the below list.

  • Pre-mix Service:
    One-off service for template and primer mixing samples.
  • One-pass Service:
    One-off sequencing service for templates and primers to be sent separately.
  • Full Service:
    Full service including sample QC and re-sequencing.
  • PCR Product Purification Service:
    This is a service to purify your sample amplified by PCR.
    Below purifications are applied accordingly;
    Single tube -> Reverse-phase cartridge purification, Gel extraction
    8-strips tube or plate -> Beads purification
    For details, click here.
  • Primer Walking:
    Sequencing service via primer walking method for long sequences.
    For details, click here.
  • Optional Services:
    Related services such as primer design/synthesis, PCR amplification and PCR product extraction are available from here.
■Work Description■

  • Sequencing reaction
  • Sequencer run
  • Data delivery
    Reagent: BigDye Terminator v3.1
    Sequencer: 3730xl DNA Analyzer
  • * No re-sequencing is available for pre-mix and one-pass services.
  • * Run time is 1 hour for pre-mix and one-pass services and 2 hours for full service.
  • * No QC is performed for pre-mix and one-pass (8 strips/plate) services.
    Customer prepared samples are used directly for sequencing.
    (If the concentration is lower than required, the result may be no good.)
  • * If analytical difficulty such as GC rich and conformation is expected for ordering samples, please make a comment in the order sheet.
  •  * In case of resulting in defective data by other reasons, re-sequencing can be performed as a new order.
    Please note that no investigation of causes is included in the service.


The sequencing result is to be sent via web site.

・base sequence data (text file)
・raw data (Ab1 file)
  • * Free of charge viewer for raw data (Ab1 file) is informed at the first order.
  • * Please note that the data uploaded on web site is to be deleted after approx. 3 months.

Price and Turnaround

(tax exclusive)
Pre-mix One-pass Full
Unit Price Turnaround Unit Price Turnaround Unit Price Turnaround
Single Extension
(Single tube)
1,500 JPY 2 business days after receiving samples 2,000 JPY 2 business days after receiving samples 3,500 JPY 2 business days after receiving samples
8-strips tube
(per 8 sequencings)
5,600 JPY / tube
(700 JPY / sequencing)
3 business days after receiving samples 12,000 JPY / 8-strips tube
(1,500 JPY / sequencing)
3 business days after receiving samples
0.5 Plate
(per 48 sequencings)
33,600 JPY / plate
(700 JPY / sequencing)
4 business days or longer after receiving samples 43,200 JPY / 0.5 plate
(900 JPY / sequencing)
4 business days or longer after receiving samples
1 ~ 9 Plates
(per 96 sequencings)
44,160 JPY / plate
(460 JPY / sequencing)
52,800 JPY / plate
(550 JPY / sequencing)
10 Plates and more
(per 96 sequencings)
41,280 JPY / plate
(430 JPY / sequencing)
Please inquire. 48,000 JPY / plate
(500 JPY / sequencing)
Please inquire.
  • * Lead-time may be varied depend on the number of samples or option requirement as well as when the sequencing schedule is busy.
    In case of re-sequencing or re-electrophoresis required, it takes longer to deliver the result.
  • * The above prices are for single sequencing (single strand).
  • * Prices for plate or tube are same even if the samples are less than the numbers specified (well/tube).


One-pass / Full Service DNA sample
(per reaction)
Plasmid: Concentration; 100-300ng/uL, Quantity; 20uL or more
PCR product: Concentration; 10~50ng/uL, Quantity; 20uL or more*1
Primer For any kind of sample: Concentration; 3.2uM, Quantity; 10uL or more*2
(For free-of-charge universal primers, please select from here.)
Pre-mix DNA/primer mixing sample per reaction Plasmid (450~900ng) or PCR product (see details from here)*3 is mixed with primer (10pmol) and diluted in measuring flask to 20uL with sterile water
Mutual Electrophoresis image Please send an image which shows the result of a marker and your sample on the same gel with their quantity description.*4
Order form Please download the form from our web site.
  • *1 For PCR products, please make sure to be purified after PCR reaction. For the sample purification order to us, please  click here for the detail.
  • *2 Up to two kinds of primer can be basically used for one pass service (8-strips tube/plate) per one tube/plate.
    In case of using 3 or more kinds of primer, please make a dedicated primer tube/plate in which the primers are dispensed in the same alignment as the corresponding samples.
    (Primers per well should be 3.2uM with 10uL or more.)
  • *3 PCR product has different optimal concentration depend on its size. Please click here for details.
  • *4 Agarose electrophoresis is recommended for measuring sample concentration. Electrophoresis image sent with the order form will be used as a reference to select the reaction conditions.  Please provide the marker name, apply amount of the marker and the sample on the electrophoresis image.
  • * As all samples are used at the same amount for reaction, please note that the result may be defective if the concentration of samples are largely different from each other.

Additional Sequencing

For one pass and full services, additional sequencing, based on the result of the primary sequencing, can be performed on the same sample upon request. Please inquire if there is enough sample left, and send us another order sheet with a comment of “additional sequencing” in the remarks column of the order sheet.
Due to the storage, samples used for sequencing analysis are destroyed after three working days from the analysis completion.
Please order for an additional sequencing within 3 working days after the primary sequencing report delivery.

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