DNA/RNA Large Scale Synthesis


1. 1000mg / lot Production

Use of the dedicated machine for large-scale synthesis enables synthesis of 1000mg (2000mg for DNA under 30mers) per one lot. All the products have their original lot numbers and are under the strict lot control.

2. Two types purification setting as default

Salt content is as important as purity in large-scale synthesis. This is the reason for setting RP-HPLC and desalting as a default purification method for this service.
Additionally, for RNA, tandem purification which is combined with IEX HPLC purification will be applied for the purpose of quality improvement. *1

3. High quality created by large scale synthesis

Our abundant experiences in smaller scale DNA and RNA synthesis as well as scale merit of one lot large scale synthesis achieve the products’ high quality. QC in the synthesis process and high purification technique ensure high purity of over 95% for both DNA and RNAt. *2.

4. Manufacturing line compliant with GMP

Reliable products can be provided by synthesizing in the manufacturing line compliant with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). We will support your R&D with stable clean quality.

5. Strict quality control system

All synthesized DNA are subject to quality control by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. For the products under 50mers, any small deletion will be found by LC-ESI-MS spectrometry analysis system. RP-HPLC purification analysis is also applied for the purpose of complete QC.*3

6. Advanced quality control

Such experience enables us to offer some optional services such as purity analysis data attachment by RP-HPLC or IEX-HPLC. (Click here to the price for options)
Our technical service staffs are willing to respond to your various advices and requests.

  • *1  IEX HPLC purification is applied for RNA more than 10mg as a default.
  • *2 This purity is the analysis result of RP-HPLC area percent (UV260nm) under our conditions, for normal DNA and RNA under 30mers. For DNA over 30mers, it will be over 90%.
  • *3 RP-HPLC analysis result will be attached to the product as an optional service.

Order Flow


Delivery date confirmation 

DNA/RNA synthesis

  • Please order by Web or E-mail.
  • After receiving the order, confirmation of the product delivery will be sent by E-mail.
  • Production and QC will be performed with our technique to produce high quality oligo DNA and RNA.
  • The products that are passed the final check will be shipped.

Ordering (Domestic)

Please inform us of the desired scale, chain length or quality control method (options). If the quotation was required, please e-mail to: dna@hssnet.co.jp. For domestic order, please download the order form (Excel file) from the following link, fill the necessary items, and send the form by e-mail.


Upon receipt of the order confirmation by E-mail, please check the ordered content (purification method or sequence) again.

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