Nucleic Acid Extraction

 * Samples containing Covid-19 or influenza viruses are not to be accepted.

As we currently produce oligos to be used in PCR test kits for [SARS-CoV-2] and [Influenza A/B virus], we do not accept nucleic acid samples which may become a template for such oligos. Thank you for your understanding.


Service Description

Nucleic acid is to be extracted from tissue, cell and blood, then purified.
Extracted and purified samples are subject to QC using tape station or bioanalyzer.

* Yield of extracted nucleic acid is not guaranteed.
* Please inquire for samples other than Human and animals.

Nucleic Acid Extraction

– DNA extraction: genomic DNA
– RNA extraction: Total RNA

* In case of ordering for extraction of total RNA  containing small RNA, please inquire in advance.


– Tissue, cell and blood

* For Human clinical samples, please also refer to the “Cautions about human clinical samples” described below. 
* Please inquire separately in case of using slice samples.
* Please inquire separately in case of using special tissue, plant, fungus and bacteria.

Required Amount of Sample

<DNA Extraction>

Sample Type Approx. Required Amount How to prepare Container for transport
Tissue square 3 mm on a side (approx. 30mg) Freeze a tissue fragment instantly by using liquid nitrogen and store it at -80 degree C 1.5 or 2mL tube
Cell approx. 106 cells Freeze a cell pellet instantly by using liquid nitrogen and store it at -80 degree C
Blood 500uL or more Collect blood using blood collection tube with anticoagulant agent, split the required amount and freeze it at -80 degree C

<RNA Extraction>

Sample Type Approx. Required Amount How to prepare Container for transport
Tissue square 3~5 mm on a side (approx. 30~100mg) After RNAlater treatment*1 or freezing with liquid nitrogen instantly, store the tissue fragment at -80 degree C 1.5 or 2mL tube
Cell approx. 106 cells Freeze a cell pellet using liquid nitrogen instantly and store it at -80 degree C
Blood 2.5mL Collect blood in PAXgene® Blood RNA Tube (2.5mL)*2, leave it at room temperature for at least 2 hours, and freeze it at -20 degree C for at least 24 hours PAXgene®Bolld RNA Tube
*1 Tissue should be sliced at least “0.5cm” thick or less.
Reagents do not penetrate quickly into a tissue fragment thicker than 0.5cm which will cause RNA not stable in the center of tissue.
If tissue is sliced too thick, RNA may become degraded. RNAlater treatment is not available for a frozen tissue.
*2 Please use a PAXgene® Blood RNA Tube as a container of Human blood sample for RNA extraction. For details, please inquire.


<DNA / RNA Extraction>

(Tax exclusive)
Number of Sample Only for nucleic acid extraction service Set price with analysis such as microarray and NGS
Unit Price Total Price Unit Price Total Price
1 46,000 JPY / sample 46,000 JPY 40,000 JPY / sample 40,000 JPY
2 34,000 JPY / sample 68,000 JPY 28,000 JPY / sample 56,000 JPY
3 31,000 JPY / sample 93,000 JPY 25,000 JPY / sample 75,000 JPY
4 26,000 JPY / sample 104,000 JPY 20,000 JPY / sample 80,000 JPY
5 23,000 JPY / sample 115,000 JPY 17,000 JPY / sample 85,000 JPY
6 21,000 JPY / sample 126,000 JPY 15,000 JPY / sample 90,000 JPY
* The above price is for 1 prep.
* Price may be differed depend on the amount or status of samples to be provided.


For Human clinical samples, please make sure to read through theCautions about human clinical samples described below .
The way of order is different between Human clinical samples and other samples.

Please inquire before shipping your samples.
Upon discussion with our staff, please send the sample(s) together with the order sheet to the below address;

 ◆Please send your samples to:
Attn. Analysis Team,
Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd.
2-1, Shinkawa Nishi 2-1, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 001-0932
TEL: (011)768-5903

* Please clearly state as “sample for nucleic acid extraction service”.
* Please make sure to enclose enough amount of dry ice so that the sample is kept frozen until it is delivered to us.
* We do not receive samples on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. Please make sure that your package will be delivered to HSS on working days from 9:00 to 18:00.
* HSS is not responsible for any troubles during the transport.


Cautions about Human Clinical Samples

For Human clinical samples order, please make sure to read through the below descriptions.

< Sample Acceptability >

– We basically do not accept samples infected with pathogenetic microorganism or virus. Please refer to the below for details.

[ Unacceptable Samples ]

  1. Samples infected with pathogenetic microorganisms of the bio safety level (BSL) 3 or higher according to National Institute of Infectious Diseases, or with infection possibility based on clinical test and observation
  2. Samples infected with HCV or HBV viruses
  3. Samples infected with other pathogenetic microorganism (BSL 2 or lower, BSL not determined) or viruses
* Please make sure to obtain informed consent for clinical samples.

< Sample Information Required >

– It is required to provide sample information in advance so that HSS confirms if the sample is acceptable.For details, please inquire.

< Sample Shipping >

– Please ship out only the samples which are confirmed as acceptable by HSS.

– Please ship your sample using our Human sample shipping kit.
This kit will be sent from HSS upon confirmation of sample acceptability based on the information provided by a client.
Shipping kit and the way of packing differ depend on extracted nucleic acid and the sample type.
For details, please inquire.

Please inquire to:
Nucleic acid extraction service (Human samples)
Analysis Team
Toll free telephone: 0120-613-190 (9:00-17:00, except for Sat., Sun. and national holidays)
Tel: 011-768-5901 E-mail:
For inquiry form, click here.

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