Agilent Array Analysis

* Samples containing Covid-19 or influenza viruses are not to be accepted.
As we currently produce oligos to be used in PCR test kits for [SARS-CoV-2] and [Influenza A/B virus], we do not accept nucleic acid samples which may become a template for such oligos. Thank you for your understanding.


We are qualified as a “Certified Service Provider” by Agilent Technologies.

Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd. has been certified as a Microarray Certified Service Provider by Agilent Technologies. In order to obtain the highest quality data from Agilent microarrays, our trained technical staffs perform the analysis using the protocols, reagents and instruments specified by Agilent Technologies. With our performances and experiences accumulated for more than 15 years, we deliver highly reliable analysis results and fully support customers from sample preparation such as nucleic acid extraction to downstream analysis such as data mining.

 Gene Expression Microarray
 miRNA Microarray


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