RNA Information

Custom RNA Synthesis Service

This service provides high quality RNA at a reasonable price. Suitable for various research use such as RNAi and Aptamer.

Optimal scales for siRNA and miRNA experiments are available.

Price List

* Tax Exclusive
Synthesis Scale*1 Available Base Length*2 Price for Synthesis Purification Method Price for Purification (per oligo) Yield Guaranteed*3 Domestic Lead-time*4
Good for siRNA experiments
19-23 bases
(including an overhang)
Single stranded RNA
9,000 JPY / sequence
(18,000 JPY for double stranded RNA)
Cartridge Purification
Free of Charge 1 OD 3-
Good for miRNA experiments
24-30 bases
(including an overhang)
Single stranded RNA
13,000 JPY / sequence
(26,000 JPY for double stranded RNA)
Free of Charge 1 OD 3-
0.2 umol
Modification available
11-70 bases 600 JPY / base Desalting
(11-40 bases)
Free of Charge 8 OD 3-
(11-40 bases)
2,000 JPY 5 OD 3-
HPLC Purification 7,500 JPY 1 OD 5-
1 umol
Modification available
11-70 bases 1,200 JPY / base Desalting
(11-40 bases)
Free of Charge 30 OD 6-
(11-40 bases)
4,000 JPY 15 OD 6-
HPLC Purification 12,500 JPY 8 OD 7-
  • *1 This means the amount of reagent used at the beginning of synthesis, which is different from the guaranteed yield.
  • *2 For guaranteed yield of products other than 11-70 bases, please inquire.
  • *3 This means the final yield after all synthesis and purification steps, i.e. the minimum standard amount to be delivered to customers. The unit on the list is “OD”, which is calculated based on the absorbance value at the wavelength of 260nm using a spectrophotometer.
    Products with the final yield less than the guaranteed amount after the QC will be re-synthesized.
  • *4 Lead-time is calculated on business day basis, with the order acceptance day counted as “Day 0”. In case of large quantity orders or depend on sequence organizations, it may take longedr for delivery.
  • *5 Overhang for “RNA KIDS” and “RNA KIDS LONG” is “dTdT” or any arbitrary RNA / DNA. Please note that modification is not available for these scales.


  • Dried product
  • PAGE data
  • LC-ESI-MS analysis data (attached only to HPLC purified products with the length less than 50 bases)
  • For scale up products with HPLC purification, please inquire.
  • Making RNA double stranded (Annealing) is performed at free of charge.
  • Dispensing work is free of charge. Please specify the amount and quantity for each.
  • Synthesis other than the above description (length, amount, for in vivo experiments etc.) may be available.
  • PAGE check is applied for all products.
  • There are many other options available such as DNA/RNA chimera synthesis, 2′-O-methyl-RNA insertion and other various labelling.
  • Modified oligo synthesis is also available.


Purification Grade


This is the method to remove the products which are made during the synthesis step, such as free protecting groups.
In principle, products with large molecular weight can not be removed.
Therefore, synthetic RNA with base deletion may be remained.

Reverse-phase Cartridge Purification

This is a simple purification method by reverse-phase cartridge column, utilizing DMT at the 5′-end.
For long oligos, purification efficiency may become less due to the nature of resins.We recommend this purification for RNA with the length less than 40 bases.

HPLC Purification

This method is recommending if you need a high purity. With monitoring by HPLC device, target products are separated from impurities and collected.
We confirm target products by LC-ESI-MS after reverse-phase HPLC purification.


Modification Examples

Phosphorothioated 2′-O-Methylated RNA insertion 2′-Fluoro RNA insertion
Amination Thiol Cholesterol
Azide Alkynyl FITC (6-FAM)
TAMRA BHQ1 Cyanine5
  •  * Please click here for other modifications. 


Deliverable Data Example

Synthetic RNA, 21 bases, HPLC purification, purity = 98.71%


Electrophoresis image

LC-ESI-MS data

RNA analysis data

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