Handling Instructions


Synthesized DNA by HSS are dried with few exemptions. It is to avoid synthesized DNA’s decomposition during transportation by temperature change as much as possible. Products delivered as liquid will be shipped by fridged transportation with cold insulaters.
When you receive the lyophilized products, it can be kept dried for a few days but storage in freezer under -20 degrees is recommended. Once it is dessolved into sterile ionic water or buffer, oligo may be damaged by repeating of freezing & melting, which in worst case results in decomposition. To avoid this, storage in divided portion is recommended, which may also eliminate the contamination damage. After dividing, storage in freezer under -20 degrees is recommended.

How to dessolve synthesized oligo

Oligos synthesized by HSS may become transparent film or white crystal. Visual check may be difficult to perform so pls. centrifuge before opening the cover.

Pls. Refer to the “TE” value on the tube label. By adding solution of written volume, the product can be adjusted to 100pmol/µL.

Tube Label

Below data is written on tube label.

MW : Molecular Weight   TW:Total Weigh (µg)   TE:Solution volume to make it 100pmol/μL
ABS : Absorbance (Actual value)   Mol:Total mol (nmol)   TM:Tm Value
OD : Oligo DNA amount in 1mL of oligo DNA solution
E.g.)  “2OD” means the amount of DNA in 1mL oligo DNA solution in which 260nm absorbance is equal to 2 in OD.


Our custom DNA/RNA synthesis products are sold for the purpose of test and research use.
Please avoid using for the other purposes such as medical, clinical diagnosis, food, cosmetic and household appliance.

If you have any inquiry about our producs, please click here to contact us.

* Bubbles may be rarely found in a tube. In that case, please inquire to us.

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