Guide to select the best application for your purpose

Next generation sequencing is available for various use according to your research purposes.
See our various applications for each sequencing purpose.


For information about the gene mutation related to phenotypes or diseases
Human genome sequencing
Genome re-sequencing (other than Human)
To determine the genomic sequence of microorganism to search for the target gene
To make a genomic database of  the microorganism culture you currently have
Easy way to determine the sequence of virus genome, plasmid and so on
Searching for markers related to phenotypes for farm crops use


Searching for differentially expressed genes associated with phenotypes or diseases
Gene expression analysis (for organisms with a reference sequence available)
Require detection of fusion genes or sequence database of transcript
Searching for differentially expressed genes for organisms without database
For Small RNA expression analysis or novel RNA search

Metagenomics / Metatranscriptomics

To learn about intestinal or environmental flora, or compare them
Microbial community analysis
To compare flora at functional gene level or search the target genes


To search for target protein binding site on the genome
To search for a specific histone modifying region
To identify methylated site on the genome
– Bisulfite sequencing

Genome editing

To evaluate the screening result of the guide RNA library quickly and precisely
CRISPR screening analysis

Deep sequencing application

To confirm the sequence diverseness and abundance ratio
Illumina amplicon sequencing
PacBio amplicon sequencing

Custom data analysis

Ordering only for data analysis with using your Raw data such as NGS data obtained by other facilities
Data analysis using our standard pipeline provided in our various analysis applications
Customize the analysis contents such as using specific program or analysis conditions

Option: Gene analysis with FFPE samples

Gene analysis from a pathological specimen (option)
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