Microorganism Identification

This service provides a simplified identification of microorganisms by sequencing of 16S rRNA or ITS gene according to “Rapid Identification of Microorganisms Based on Molecular Biological Method” described in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Product Description

Provided sample is subject to DNA extraction, then PCR amplification of the specified region (16S rRNA region or ITS region).
The sequence of the obtained PCR product is determined by direct sequencing, then homology searches with known sequences are conducted by BLAST search on database to make a list of microorganisms which are presumed to be closely related species.

Work Description
– DNA extraction
– PCR amplification

[PCR Primer]
16S rRNA region
ITS region
* If custom primers or full-length sequencing are required, please inquire.

– Sequencing (double strand)
– BLAST search
– Identification report

– 3730xl DNA Analyzer


The report is to be sent via e-mail.

– Analysis report (identification result) (PDF file)
– Sequencing data:
base sequence data (Text file), waveform data (Ab1 file), contig data (Text file)

  • * Please note that the data uploaded to our web site is to be deleted after 3 months.

Price & Domestic Order Lead-time

Service Description Price Domestic Order Lead-time
Microorganism Identification Please inquire. Please inquire.

How to order

Please inquire for details.

Please provide:

Sample Culture sample: petri dish, pellet *1
Extracted DNA which is purified enough for PCR *2
Electrophoresis image Please load a marker and your samples on the same gel to be used for electrophoresis. Please state the amount each on the image.
Order sheet Please inquire for details.
  • *1 We do not isolate samples. Please send the purely cultured strain.
  • *2 We do not accept microorganisms, which do or may possess pathogenicity.
    In that case, please submit the sample in the form of extracted DNA.


  • – Depending on the type of bacteria, primers used in this service may not be suitable.
    In this case, identification would be difficult.
    In addition, if we determine that the work cannot proceed due to the above reasons, please note that the fee for the actual work will be charged and the analysis will be terminated.
  • – Please be noted that even when the provided sample was incompletely isolated and caused difficulty in sequencing, it will be charged in full.
  • – Samples are limited to the P1 level defined in “the Law concerning the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity through Regulations on the Use of Living Modified Organisms” (Cartagena Protocol) issued by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
  • – Please note that we do not accept microorganisms, which do or may possess pathogenicity. In that case, please submit the sample in the form of extracted DNA.
  • – The submitted samples will be sterilized and discarded after the analysis is completed.
    If you require to return the sample, please make sure to let us know so in advance.
  • – For human clinical samples, please confirm that informed consent has been obtained.
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