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Products & Services
Custom DNA Synthesis
Custom DNA / RNA Synthesis
Large Scale Synthesis
Custom DNA Synthesis Price List
Large Scale Synthesis Price List
Custom RNA Synthesis Price List
Custom DNA Sequencing
Next Generation Sequencing
Custom DNA Sequencing
Plate Sequencing 96
SNP Analysis
Microorganism Identification
Microarray Service
Agilent Array Analysis
Agilent aCGH Analysis Service
Agilent miRNA Microarray Analysis
RNA Extraction & Purification
Human Specimen
Nucleic Acid Extraction Service
Protein Related Service
Custom Peptide Synthesis
Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production
Analysis of N-terminal Amino Acid Sequence
Research Support
Full-length cDNA library Production Service
Custom Cloning Service
Primer Design Service for Sequencing
RNA Quality Test Service
Gene amplification by Reverse Transcription Service

Extraction of DNA from Paraffin Embedded Specimen & Sequencing

Custom Measurement for synthetic DNA Molecular Weight
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GMO Detection Service
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