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HSS Letter
Seasons Greetings
Spring is the season when you can feel the energy of plants most in the year.
Walking around the corner with watching various spring flowers like cherry blossoms, tulips and dandelions blooming in parks and flower beds in the warm sunshine would be a good way to enjoy this lovely time.

In this season, spring vegetables are all fresh, soft and tasty! Asparagus, spring cabbage, green onion …, of course I love them a lot, but at the same time, the bitter taste of wild vegetables also makes me feel spring.
Some people may not like the peculiar scent and bitterness of wild vegetables. But when I eat dishes such as buckwheat tempura, boiled bamboo shoots or canola flowers, soba noodles with plenty of wild plants such as brackens and osmund …, I can definitely feel that the season has now changed to spring!

"Eat foods with bitter taste in spring, sour in summer, pungent in autumn and fatty foods in winter". This word of wisdom shows that Japanese have long been eating foods with bitter taste in spring to stimulate mind and body, and activate physical function.
It is said that bitter taste foods have high detoxification effects, and polyphenol, the main ingredient of the wild vegetables’ bitter taste, has high antioxidant activity to encourage the discharge of unnecessary fat and wastes which have accumulated in the body during winter. So, it makes sense to eat wild vegetables at this time.

In April, there may be many people who start their new life. Also, new fiscal year just starts and it is usually quite busy and fluffy, and the seasons change may lead to deconditioning.
So as to spend such a period more comfortabely, why not taking in seasonal wild vegetables in your meals and enjoy the change of season?