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HSS Letter
Seasons Greetings
It is in the middle of summer with extreme heat every day!
Please get in shape and take care of not getting heatstroke.

I love to watch sports games, so for me, this year is wonderful and exciting as Winter Olympic and Football World Cup were held. There were a lot of good games and plays by Japanese players and teams, and many people must have lost their sleep over watching games on TV every night!

In August, the summer National High School Baseball Tournament will start. This is the 100th Memorial Tournament, which will start on August 5th, and the largest number of 56 schools will participate (normally 49 schools for regular tournaments).
The tournament started from 1915 with only 10 participating schools. Though it was suspended for a while during the World War II, it has been still continued to be held every year.

Of course, I do support my local high school team, but also get interested in the game results of strong schools.

This year, it is planned that 18 legend players in various ages will specially take part in the opening pitch ceremony.
This tournament is full of dramas every year, and I am certainly expecting for some new ones this year!