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HSS Letter
Seasons Greetings
Now in November, temperatures drop day by day, and the snowy season is soon coming in Hokkaido.

Before the first snowfall, we have a lot of “snow bugs” in Hokkaido. They are about 5mm sized bugs, having fluffy bottoms just like wearing cotton.
Actually, they are kind of aphids, and the official name of those live in Hokkaido is “Prociphilus oriens”.
In autumn, before overwintering, feathered adults are born, and waft in the air, which will become that white “snow bugs”.
In Hokkaido, it is said that the first snow will be fallen a week or so after these snow bugs begin to waft a lot.
When you see them wafting, they look quite pretty like snow falling, but actually, when you go for a cycle ride, you will easily catch loads of them everywhere on your cloth, face, hair, and even in your mouth!
At their outbreak, they may make a white out just like snowstorm.

In this season, flu is also getting spread. Its infection peak is around January.
As flu virus prefer low-temperature drying condition to hot and humid condition, it would be good to keep your room at a humidity of 50 to 60% for prevention.
There are two major infection routes for flu, that are droplet and contact infection. It is important to have a custom to wash hands and wear a mask.

Not only flu but also a weakened immune system would easily make you become ill. Why not trying to have a good sleep and well-balanced meals in daily life? It would surely help you to improve the immunity!