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HSS Letter
Seasons Greetings
One month has already passed since the year 2017 started.
According to the traditional Japanese calendar, we have Risshun on February 4th. “Risshun” means the first day of Spring and it is said that winter ends and spring begins from this day. However, as you see, even though it is already “spring” according to the calendar, it is actually still cold every day. In warmer areas like Kyushu, plums are expected to be bloomed in February, which one may feel coming of spring. But unfortunately, I am in Hokkaido and still fighting with snow and dreaming of spring days coming further later.

We have our head office in Sapporo, where the famous “Snow Festival” is held in February.
The main venue for this festival is the Odori park, which is located in the center of Sapporo from east to west throughout the length of total 1.5km. This park consists of 12 areas separated by traffic lights and zebra zones, and various themes are set for each area.
What I would recommend is the International Snow Sculpture Contest held at the 11-chome site!
Various international snow sculptures made by teams from many different countries in the world are displayed here, and I always feel that each sculpture has very unique atmosphere of its country, all different from the ones made by Japanese.
I sometimes enjoy them without checking the team, and guess from which country the sculptors come. It is another way to enjoy the festival.

For those who love eating, the “Hokkaido Food Square” in 6-chome site is recommended!
Many stalls serve tasty foods from all over Hokkaido such as Ramen and Genghis Khan Mutton Barbecue, so please try popular Hokkaido foods here! Eating hot foods in the cold open-air warms up both your body and soul, and you may feel more tasty than usual!

During the cold season, it is always attractive to stay at home snuggling under the kotatsu with eating oranges, but why not looking for winter events and going out?