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HSS Letter
Seasons Greetings
The heat of the summer is now getting decreased.
In September, we have other long holidays called “Silver Week”, just like “Golden Week” in May. We usually look forward to having long holidays in a row, but unfortunately, national holidays are not well consecutive this year, so it seems hard to plan long term overseas trip. Even so, there is a very attractive overseas spot for this season! It is a country just over Okinawa, “Taiwan”.

Taiwan is a neighbor of Japan, but its climate is tropical in the south and subtropical even in the north, which is very different from Japan! Especially in Hokkaido, we have cold days nearly half a year, so it seems totally different world!
Though the climate is hot all through the year, the peak of the heat had been passed at this season, so it would be rather milder and more comfortable for Japanese tourists. (Of course, it may be still hot!)
There is also a typhoon season in Taiwan, which is from July to September, but it rarely comes after the middle of September. So it would be good season for a trip.
It takes only couple of hours by air from Japan, so may be a good candidate site for week end trip.

Once you arrive there, you can experience various funs.
Taiwanese dishes is tasty for most Japanese, and you can try authentic cuisines in restaurants at the price much less expensive than in Japan.
Another delicious spot is a “night market”, which is a spot with a lot of food stalls. There are many night markets across Taiwan all through the year, and you can enjoy casual foods as well as games and shopping. You can also get mangos and other different tropical fruits which are rare in Japan at a very reasonable price!
If you get tired after walking around to explore Taiwan foods, it would be good idea to try Taiwanese reflexology to recover the fatigue.
Taiwanese people are quite friendly to Japanese, and when you are lost and looking at a map on a street, local people often talk to you, trying to help you. Due to the historical reason, many old people can speak Japanese, and you can also find many shop assistants speak Japanese in major sightseeing spots.

How do you think? I suppose Taiwan is actually a quite attractive travelling spot. If you are thinking about a trip in this season, why not choosing Taiwan as your destination?