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HSS Letter
Seasons Greetings
March is the month when the seasons change from winter to spring.
Though it still snows sometimes in Hokkaido, the temperature is getting higher day by day with having warm sunshine during the day time.
I feel that spring is now coming just around the corner.

Spring also may be the season to start something.
I was not willing to go out but preferred to staying home during winter as it was cold. But now it becomes warmer. I am thinking about trying various things.
One of the things I want to try is home garden.
I have searched on the internet and learn that some vegetables are easy to grow and do not require much space such as a garden or a field which are good for beginners to enjoy a planter on their porch.
I decide to try it this year, and it is just so enjoyable to think about which vegetables I will grow.
I know I may fail, but want to appreciate my courage!
Why donít you also start something new?

Though spring is near, it is still cold in the mornings and the evenings.
Please take fully care of your own and enjoy March with feeling the visit of spring.