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HSS Letter
Seasons Greetings
It is still very cold, but the daytime becomes longer gradually.

The Winter Olympics will finally start from February 9th and so will the Paralympics from March 9th in PyeongChang, a holiday resort among mountains in South Korea.
We can enjoy the games in real time as there are no time differences like the games held in Europe or America, so many people may be riveted by various games on live television or internet.

The events such as figure skating and ski jumping have certainly attracted attention of Japanese from expectations for gold medals, but for the people in Hokkaido, curling is another canít-miss event as it is quite popular in Hokkaido.
Tokoro town in Kitami city is the most active area of curling in Hokkaido, but Sapporo also has a good curling facility called ďHokkaido Bank Curling StadiumĒ, the first public year-round curling facility in Japan. You can just go there empty-handed to play a game, so why donít you try a play rather than just watching.
Short-track speed skating is also popular for audiences with its speedy skating and sophisticated tactics. For this sport, I remember well a player of the Salt Lake City Olympic in the year 2002, who won the luckiest gold medal in the Olympic history.
In the final game of the menís 1000m short track skating, all four players in the leading group fell at the last corner of the bell lap, so the Australian player who skated alone just behind the leading group could get away from this disaster and won the gold medal.
That's a kind of what makes the sports so intriguing!

In Olympic games, I of course expect good performances of Japanese players, but at the same time, Olympic is a festival of peace. I also hope that this PyeongChang Olympic will lead to support international culture and environmental conservation through a lot of moving and exciting games. Letís enjoy!